0 Comments | Feb 09, 2010

Selling Budkins Doll

I love the way clients ask DunlopWeb to promote products that I have never heard of, so I have to go and find out all about the thing, and whether anybody is actually looking for them. Last week I had a call from an old client, Choice Dolls Houses, asking us to promote Budkin dolls.

The campaign for Choice Dolls Houses has been tremendously successful as you can see from their Google results, and usually when we are asked to promote a particular product it works. Dolls houses are particularly popular at Christmas and the proprietors of Choice usually spend January / February on holiday recovering!

So that’s our work for February – promoting Budkin dolls. I would be interested to know what you think of them – and whether you think they would fit into a child’s dolls house. So I guess the campaign starts here!

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