0 Comments | Aug 26, 2010

Construction Company

The Brighton-based building company AM Construction (Southern) came to Dunlop Web asking for a new website to reflect their new branding. It had to be easy for them to edit themselves, and it had to look clean and crisp. Unusually for Dunlop Web clients, they were not particularly interested in Search Engine positioning at this stage. But they wanted to be able to use the site to promote their business in the future.

The solution we came up with was a site created entirely in WordPress: and as WordPress is extremely Search Engine friendly, when the time is right promotion will be considerably easier than without.

AM Construction now have a site that will work for them and that they can change in-house without having to ask outside agencies for help. They can add their own Case Studies to reflect what they do, and can add their own news items to keep their contacts up-to-date with their business. Have a look at the AM Construction website for yourself!

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