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Events Management Is Evolving: Get Dedicated Online Training

In recent years events management has come into its own as a profession, similar to the way marketing and HR grew in importance. The expansion of the sector has naturally led to more job, as way as a focus upon the specific set of skills needed to plan, budget and host large-scale industry and leisure events. Two key developments have powered this growth.

Firstly, business has increasingly become network-focused. Companies and management are no longer isolated in their own fiefdoms, moving at glacial pace. Instead the rate of change in market and society compels them to be constantly seeking to develop new channels of understanding, and finding new ways to survive and grow. This means going out and having conversations, along with developing the brand via marketing and promotion. This in turn creates the need for industry events, and consequently for events management.

The second element is the huge growth in the leisure industry across the last two decades, an continued upward trend despite the current recession. This growth has gone hand-in-hand with ever-larger venues, which need to be run with a more professional logistical approach. With the scale of the venues and the industry itself, there has never been a more opportune moment to build a career in the field of events management.

Fortunately, if you are thinking of moving into the events field, or if you are starting out and feeling daunted by the size of the challenges, there are now dedicated courses in events management that give you the overview of best practice across the sector as well the equipping you with the analytical and practical tools you need to succeed. Edexcel, a world leader in business and management educational provision, is now offering both a Level 3 Certificate (for new events managers) and a Level 5 Diploma (for those with some experience). The Certificate essentially represents the first half of the Diploma, and candidates can opt to ‘top-up’ to the full qualification when they wish.

Nowadays such courses are usually taken online via a virtual learning environment like Moodle which enable students to receive constant guidance and feedback from their tutors. They offer a thorough grounding in all the operational and strategic concerns that impact on events management, as well as look at financial processes involved in tendering and implementation. Students will examine the service industry in detail and the nature of the working relationships within, including industrial relations and contracts. Subsequent modules allow students to examine the processes of financial planning and the analysis and evaluation of key financial data, as well as the theories involved in Human Resources. There is, in addition, a discrete module which covers Entertainment and Venue Management.

Focused, professional events management training is the door to the sort of professional accomplishment and polish that will turn heads amongst your peers, and most importantly amongst your bosses. If you are looking for an online events management course, check out the Brighton School of Business and Management‘s website for ideas.

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