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How Insurance Loss Assessors Help You Make A Claim

We all think that our insurance company will be our allies in times of disaster at home or in our business: just contact them with all the details and your insurance claim will be fairly dealt with. With your list detailing the damage and the cost of fixing everything, your insurers will give you a cheque covering all the expense of putting everything to rights, won’t they?

Actually, making an insurance claim not that simple.

There are questions you should consider:
– Do you know the details of your insurance contract?
– Are you clear about exactly what items have been damaged, stolen or lost?
– Are you ready to answer detailed queries about what could have stopped the issue from happening?
– Have you protected yourself so that the disaster does not adversely effect your life or your business for too long?
– Are you aware of the costs of cleaning everything up using an outside contractor?
– Do you know how much unseen damage has occurred through smoke, damp or weakening of structures?
– Do you know if you can make a business interruption claim?
– Can you cope with the stesses and strains of dealing with your effectively claim from beginning to a successful conclusion?

But you don’t have to face the insurance settlement process on your own – there is an option where you can get professional help, leading to an increased payout. Your insurance company could come across as friendly and helpful – but there are a business! And as a business they have a duty to their shareholders to not pay out more than they have to when settling a customer’s claim. To help minimise their settlements, they have their own loss adjusters, whose job it is to reduce the size of their settlements. Your insurer’s loss adjuster is employed specifically to reduce the amount paid out to settle a claim.

Did you know that you can also employ your own team of specialists who can help you with your claim? Like loss adjusters, they have experience and training to help them deal with an insurance claim, but instead they help people like you instead of the insurers.

These insurance loss assessors know exactly how to deal with a claim to ensure you get the best settlement. Their experience means that they know their way around the small print, and they know the what to expect after a fire, flood, storm or burglary. As they are not the victims of the incident, they can deal with the claim in a clear and dispassionate way, meaning that they are on the ball throughout the claims process.

An insurance company uses professional loss adjusters to pay out as little as possible. You can employ your own loss assessors to maximise the amount you get paid out. If you need insurance claim advice, speak to a loss assessor to even the odds.

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