Web Marketing

A key aspect of DunlopWeb’s work is the commitment to ensuring that your company’s site is seen by more people by promoting it online. We can work with you to provide your entire website build, or with your existing suppliers to enhance their work and improve visibility.

DunlopWeb’s approach to marketing a site on the Internet is based on planning a site from the ground up.

We ensure that a site is constructed effectively and logically before we start promoting it online. Our systems have developed over the years to take account of new opportunities for our clients, and this continual research into trends keeps us ahead of the game.

The Internet never stands still, and our clients’ businesses benefit from using DunlopWeb to keep at the cutting edge. When Julia started out in Internet Marketing there was no Google AdWords, no ‘Social Media’, and WordPress was just one of a number of ways of blogging. Times have changed, and we’ve been watching.

Our core Internet marketing services include:

  • Keyword research – we find out what people are looking for online;
  • Website structure – so your website has the right pages with the right keywords;
  • Metadata – uniquely crafted for each page, reinforcing the keyword focus & encouraging visitors;
  • Enticing copy – helps a site to convert visitors to customers;
  • Sitemaps – built in the right way to hold a site together;
  • Search Engine friendly build – ensures that websites appeal to Search Engines.

We make sure your site is ready before embarking on a program of regular maintenance.

Our regular maintenance work includes:

  • Linking campaigns;
  • Article marketing;
  • Social media promotion;
  • Adjustments to the site;
  • Billboard pages;
  • Pay-per-click campaigns …

… all of which is reported in monthly traffic reports.

If you want to discuss how DunlopWeb can help your business, please contact us to discuss your requirements.